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Buying a new puppy dog can be a difficult choice. Do you want to get a new-born puppy dog or one that has a little age since birth? If you are in the market for a newborn dog then you should wait until the puppy has reached the age of about 8 weeks. For a older mature dog, then you should probably wait until the puppy is about 6 months old. It probably makes more sense to wait and get a mature puppy dog. This would make it easier on both the dog and the owner. More importantly, the mature puppy will most likely be potty trained and hopefully outgrown the excessive biting and chewing stage.

Newborn Puppy Dog

You should consider several different factors if you desire a newborn puppy dog. The newborn dog of less than 8 weeks will be in the biting and nipping stage. This is part of the hierarchal process that animals go through. Sometimes the newborn dog will bite their mother and the mother dog will growl or use body language to let the puppy know this behavior is not acceptable. Puppy dogs learn respect from their mother by about 6 weeks of age. It is very difficult to teach a puppy dog this type of respect because the dog owner is not a dog.

Puppy dogs have a difficult time with bowel and bladder control under the age of 6 weeks old. They have not learned to “hold it in” yet as they will learn in later weeks of growth. As a result, the dog owner will have to spend consider time cleaning up the waste mess and house-training your dog will be hard.

Mature Puppy Dog

A puppy dog that is older and more mature will tend to be more understanding of daily household activities and also calmer. However, you must keep in mind that this will be true only if the puppy dog has been socialized and properly trained in the home of their birth. Unpredictability, nervousness and certain amount of aggression typically will exist in puppy dogs that have been neglected. A warning to the wise is to observe the puppy dog of your choice carefully before you make the ultimate purchase decision.

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