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 A Dog's Scent Marking

Look at a dogís body language and you can get a pretty good idea of whatís on his mind. Your dog will let humans or other animals know he is not happy with something through his bark, growl or snarl. The dogís body language is another method of communicating besides the vocal method. The dog wagging a tail is a sign of happiness while the showing of teeth lends itself to the dogís aggressive nature.

In addition, a dog will mark his territory as another method of communicating with other animals. Take the example of the dogís owner moving into a different house with a house trained dog. The dog will urinate in different areas inside the house to let himself and others know that this house is his new territory. This will happen even though the dog is trained to do his business outside the house. Scent marking is important to your pet dog. It is nothing more than the dog being confident and comfortable in the new location.

It is a natural behavior for a dog to mark areas with their scent. Everyone knows that a dog has a highly developed sense of smell. You see it all the time when you take your pet dog for a walk. They smell everything. If your dog picks up an unfamiliar scent or is in a non-recognizable area, your dog will urinate to mark his spot and feel relieved.

A dog can also spread their scent by rubbing against objects like walls and furniture. Cats also use this method of body rubbing to distribute their scent. However, dogs prefer to urinate rather than rubbing their bodies to mark their territory.

A dog will sniff around an area when in the marking mode and spray a small stream of urine toward the target area. This will leave a scent market for other dogs that happen to come by that area. It is very common for the same spot to be marked by many different dogs.

If there are many neighborhood dogs that usually roam around outside your house, it is not uncommon for your pet dog to scent mark within your house to let the other dogs know they are in his territory. Your dog is only trying to protect the territory and doesnít know that the other dogs canít get into the house.

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