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What are the things that dogs love to do? If you said eating, playing and sleeping you would be correct. Dogs probably would put playing at the top of that list. Dogs, without a doubt, love to play. They enjoy anything that amuses themselves. You should have lots of dog toys around your house to create a positive and fun environment for your dog.

Replacement of Dog Toys

The downside of a lot of dog toys is the expense in getting them in the first place. What about that new toy you just bought that your dog made mince-meat out of. It's all chewed up and needs to be replaced. There's too much money being spent to replace or get new dog toys. It goes without saying that every toy will eventually get chewed up by your pet and probably need to be replaced.

Save Money on Dog Toys

You can get cheap things instead of spending your hard-earned money on expensive dog toys. Your dog is precious but doesn't know squat about a toy that costs a lot and is free. Try some of following alternatives and see if it helps your budget.

1. Tennis Balls

Get some inexpensive tennis balls. In general, it's hard for a dog to destroy them. Your dog will have a lot of fun chasing after a tennis ball you have thrown or just biting on it. The minor downside is the balls won't last forever. They're cheap so don't fret over it.

2. Stuffed Socks

Those old socks will come in handy so don't throw them away. You can create a dog toy out of old unused socks for nothing. You can make a dog toy by rolling up some old socks into a ball and stuffing the sock-ball into another old sock. Tie the end to keep it from coming apart and you got yourself a net dog toy. Your dog will play with this for hours.

3. Sticks

When I was a kid the only toy I had for my dog was throwing a stick for him to fetch. I still do it today with my current dog. It's simple and cheap and most dog owner don't do it. Pick up some sturdy sticks from your yard or park and play fetch with your dog. The cost is nothing and your dog will enjoy it anyway.

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