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 Dog Let's Go Command

If you are a new puppy dog owner, there are things that need to be understood and dealt with. The basic training of your puppy dog is at the top of this requirement. It will be a challenge for both your pet and you. Teaching your puppy dog the "Letís go" command will be a event that is likely to bring a share of frustration and happiness to you.

Avoid Training Distractions to Your Dog

Like most young animals, anything and everything is likely to distract your new puppy. Select a quiet area to begin your "letís go" training exercises to minimize any other distraction to your new dog. You want to avoid the distractions associated with children, other dogs or cats, and loud noises. Your private backyard or quiet private area in a big park would be an ideal location for your dog training.

You don't need a lot of equipment to conduct this training. Get a loose fitting dog collar, a squeaky toy and a leash. You will use the squeaky toy to divert the dog's attention to you while conducting the training session.

Squeaky Toy Training for Your Dog

Start the training by getting your dog to show interest in the squeaky toy. This is essential for the training of your dog to be successful. Play with your puppy in a friendly soft tone of voice and the squeaky toy until your dog gets excited about the toy. Try things like "look at this" or "pretty toy" while you squeak the toy and move it around in front of your puppy dog. You are trying to get your pet to get in a playful mood and be comfortable in the environment with you and the toy.

Continue this process until your puppy dog gets very excited with the squeaky toy and the fun noises made by you and the toy. You can test to see if this initial training is working by diverting your dog's attention to something else in your surroundings. Next, squeak the toy in an energetic way to see if your puppy turns towards you and the squeaky noise and forgets the other activity. Continue this diversion to another activity and then squeaking the toy until your dog returns his attention to the toy in an excited manner.

Leash Training of Your Dog

At this point, you want to start the "letís go" training. Put the leash on your pet with a loose collar. Stand and place your puppy dog on your left side while you hold the leash close to the collar with your left hand. You will be holding the other end of the leash with your right hand. Hold the squeaky toy also in your left hand near the dogís face. Give your pet a loud but cheerful "Let's Go!" command as you begin to walk forward. Try squeaking the toy in a simultaneous manner.

There is no room for the leash to be extended because you are holding it close to the dog's collar. As you start moving forward, your puppy dog should start moving at the same pace since there is little or no room for the leash to extend. The toy is used to keep your dog entertained and move in the same direction as you and the toy.

Repetitive Command Training for Your Dog

You should only take a few steps while using this simple training method. This process of repeating the stopping and starting method of the "Let's Go!" command and the squeaky toy should not be used for long walks. Otherwise, you dog will probably stop watching the toy and your movements and get bored. Keep your training to only a few steps during each repetition.

You will need to repeat this method multiple times until your puppy dog gets use to the command and will go forward without the aid of the squeaky toy.

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