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 Risking Cat's Life

Your cat can get seriously hurt or maybe even killed around your house. Have you thought about how to protect your cat from the risks that exist in your home? This may seem like a strange question since it's not something you would normally think about. Do not risk your cat's life by having your pet live in an unsafe environment. Hazards do exist even in the cleanest and safest of homes for humans to live in. You need to take a close look at your home and uncover and eliminate the risk areas. It's your duty and responsibility to get your cat out of danger.

String and Yarn

Take a look at some of the obvious areas where risk is looming. Cats love to play with yarn and pieces of string. We have all spent a lot of fun time playing with our cat with that twisting piece of string or yarn. Cats really enjoy treating the string as prey, stalking the squirmy thing and then pouncing on it or grabbing it and throwing it airborne. You have to admit how much enjoyment it is for both the owner and the cat. The bad part is that your cat at odd times will eat the string or yarn. This is a dangerous situation where fun can turn into a nightmare for both of you. The string, yarn, piece of rope, Christmas tinsel or whatever can wind up in your cat's stomach and intestine. Cats will swallow just about anything that reminds them of prey and the ingested string very often will lead to a serious stomach problem that sometimes can only be rectified by surgery.

Wrapping Material and Sewing

Make certain you keep all yarn, sting and any similar type of things well away from your cat. Don't be foolish and think it will never happen to you and your cat. If you enjoy knitting or have a sewing hobby, you need to lock up your supplies when not in use. Keep all this kind of dangerous stuff away from your pet where they can't get to it. Putting it on the table or on top of a cabinet is not the answer. Package wrapping material and even shoe strings must be put in a safe place also. Those little foam pieces used to pack things in shipping boxes are just as dangerous to your pet. It's too late when you're not at home to help and some of this stuff is swallowed and your cat chokes.

Trash Cans

Look out for things you throw into your trash can both inside and outside of the house. Cats love to pounce on things especially if there is a food odor coming from a container within their area. Packaging thrown in the trash can or any type of meat product that has been discarded will attract your cat. Your pet often times will be lured into the danger zone if they smell or see something within their grasp. Don't leave trash containers uncovered because it's an open invitation for your cat to pounce on and search for the stuff they're after. You need to keep all trash cans completely sealed and locked if at all possible. Keep your pet away from harm and alive.

Help your Cat and Yourself,
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