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 Misunderstanding About Cats

In the average household, cats are usually the most popular of all the pets. Many people have a misunderstanding about these wonderful animals. There are people that don't like cats that is normally based on false information. If these individuals would open up their minds it is very possible they would enjoy having a cat as a pet.

The normal misunderstandings about cats is usually by people that try to compare them to dogs. However, that is not a good comparison. The cat is an independent animal. Dog lovers enjoy the way a dog acts but are not inclined to appreciate the independent character possessed by a cat. In a like a manner, the cat lover is not usually attracted to a dog that requires a different type of love and attention.

Misunderstandings about cats need to be understood and dispelled with. Two of the common misunderstandings are:

1. Cats are usually cold towards people and have no specific personality.

Cats are not very affectionate as a pet and are typically very independent animals. This is not a secret. The independent nature of a cat is usually the main reason the cat is not considered to be a pet by many individuals. Cats are generally loving animals and show their affection for individuals when they want to and not before. They typically choose their affection moments out of the blue.

Cat critics usually say the cat shows affection like nestling up to an individual's leg or seeking a scratch on the back only when they want some treat or food. This is a fallacy. Cats want and desire affection from their owners but not to the same degree as dogs. Cats have a tendency to lay around particular areas like tables, lay on your lap, or get close to you when they are ready to take one of their many naps during the day.

2. Cats do not usually need humans and in general take care of themselves.

This is a misunderstanding that has very little merit. In general, there are usually more wild cats in the average neighborhood than wild dogs. However, this doesn't mean that a cat raised as a house pet wants to run wild all over the neighborhood streets.

Most cats will take care of themselves and usually easy to maintain by the cat's owner. The average pet cat raised by a loving individual will show affection for the owner and desires to be in contact with that individual. Cat owners appreciate the cat's independence and the fact that the cat requires little maintenance when compared to dogs or other types of pets.

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