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 Cat Territory Marking

Cats will mark their territory in different ways just like other animals mark their territory. The following are some of the methods or behavioral characteristics used by cats to mark their turf.

Cat Urinating

Cats will spray their urine in certain areas as a common method from marking their territory. The cat's urine has a very distinctive scent that can be easily detected by other cats and animals. This is comforting to the pet because they know their scent has been distributed. However, this should not result in you letting your cat urinate all over your furniture or rug. There are certain restrictions to be placed on the cat in your house. It is completely natural behavior for a cat to mark certain areas by urinating there. Cats that have not been neutered usually act in this manner.

Cat Rubbing

Have you ever seen a cat that does not rub? Every cat will rub their head and body on a person or other items including furniture in your house. A cat's hair follicles contain sebaceous glands at the base of the follicle. A substance called sebum is created by these glands. The sebum is used to cover the cat's fur and coat for the pet's protection. It also is used to place his scent on different objects in the cat's environment. These sebaceous glands are found all over the cat's body.

Cat Licking

Cats lick themselves on a constant basis. Everyone knows that. A cat will constantly clean themselves over and over again. This is one of the reasons a person desires to have a cat as a pet because they literally lick their bodies clean. However, this is not the only reason that your pet is forever keeping themselves spot-free clean. A cat's scent is carried in their saliva. Your cat is ensuring that their scent is placed all over the cat's body by licking every inch of the fur they can reach. In a strange way this ensures they have marked their territory even on their own body.

Cat Clawing

Why do cats claw everything? A cat is trying to achieve certain things as a result of their clawing. One of these objectives is to help keep the cat's claws in shape and healthy by scratching his claws on some object. This will result in the tip of claw remaining sharp and removing the claw's outer layer. In addition, the clawing helps in the marking of the cat's territory. Sweat glands exist at the bottom of the claw. The cat's scent is released when the glands are rubbed on an object's surface. You will never be able to stop a cat from scratching stuff or clawing.

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