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 Cat Products and Supplies: Do You Have What You Need?

Cat Products and Supplies

You will find many cat products, services and supplies spread throughout the articles presented on this site. Take your time and consider those products, etc that meet your needs and requirements. In addition, I have prepared a short article on "Bathing Tips For Your Cat" that will probably give you something to think about. Enjoy! I have also listed additional articles at the end of this page that are centered around the topic of cats.

Bathing Tips For Your Cat

Cats are great at keeping themselves somewhat clean. They spend a large part of the day cleaning themselves. Their mother teaches them the art of keeping clean. The cat owner seldom needs to clean their cat. However, there are times when you need to clean your cat. It might be due to flea infestation or a skin allergy. Giving your cat a bath can be a real challenge since they normally resist this. A word of caution is to be prepared.

Make Certain To Get Your Supplies

It is best to give your cat a bath in an enclosed and small room. A perfect place would be a sink that is located in your home's laundry room. A small room would help your cat feel safe when you're bathing it.

It would be a good idea to have everything on hand next to the wash area before you start the bathing process. You would have a very difficult time to search for a towel or shampoo while you're holding onto a cat struggling to get free. You should use a baby or pet shampoo that is not irritating to the cat. Make sure you have a cup to rinse your pet with. It would be a good idea to cut away any matted fur areas before you start the bath.

Get the Bath Area Ready

Prepare the bath once you have gathered all the bath supplies next to the bathing area. Use lukewarm water as if you were bathing a small baby. You need to put enough water in the tub or sink to enable you to completely bathe and rinse off the cat. Putting a non-skid mat in the bottom of the tub or pan will help prevent skidding by the cat on the bottom of the tub.

Gently Put Your Cat into the Water

The hardest part is easing your cat into the water. Depending on the cat, you may have a struggle on your hands. Put one hand under the cat's belly and the other hand firmly on the back as you lower your cat into the water starting with the hind legs first. You can help prevent getting scratched by putting a towel around the cat before putting into the water. Expect to get wet during this process. Talk gently to your cat during the bathing to help keep the cat calm.

Start Bathing Your Cat

Start bathing your cat once placed gently into the water. You should bathe the cat quickly and be gentle. It is probably best to start bathing the head area first and then work your way down the body. Don't get shampoo or water in the cat's eyes or ears. Use only a small amount of shampoo to avoid having to rinse a long time after the bath is done. Try to be calm during this bathing process to help your pet get through it with the least amount of anxiety.
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