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 Cat Raw Meat Feeding

Nature intended that cats eat fresh raw meat. Are you a cat owner that believes in this basic premise? Most cat owner have this very simple and basic belief. Although the temptation is very high to feed your cat the pre-packaged food found in grocery or pet supply stores, there are many cat owners that believe in feeding their pets clean raw meat. It is not necessary to perform extensive nutritional research on what to feed your cat. The process of what to feed your pet is simple and is laid out for you in the following information. Don't buy the commercial cat food but make your selections from the raw meat available in your area for your pet cat.

Basic Muscle Meat

Meat that is extracted from many different kinds of animals is known as basic muscle meat. There is range of nutritional value obtained from the innards of the various animals. You have a wide selection based on your price range and nutrition of the meat. If you are on a tight budget, there are cheaper pieces of meat but they tend to be more on the fatty side.


Kidney meat are one type of inexpensive meat that you can occasionally feed your cat. Beef kidney is probably the better type of kidney meat. Before you feed kidneys to your cat, I suggest you put it in cold water to soak first.


Lungs is a very cheap type of animal meet. In fact, you might even be able to get it free in some outlets. However, cats do not normally like lungs and the nutritional value of the meat is very low. If you are forced to feed lung meat to your cat, it would be a good idea to slice or dice it up into small pieces. You might also want to puree the meat first.


Heart meat has very high nutrition value for eating enjoyment of your cat. Almost every cat loves to eat heart meat and it contains wonderful nutrients as well.

Cow's Udder

Cow's udders is another one of those animal meats like lung meat that has very little nutritional value and is very difficult to eat by a cat. Do yourself a big favor and do not feed your pet the cow’s udders organ. Moreover, the mastitis disease can be the result of eating cow's udders.


Liver is the one organ that gets thumbs up as a raw meat for your cat. This is the meat that has many different nutrients that are exceptionally good for your pet. There are vitamins galore in the liver and helps to promote a high energy level. On the negative side, diarrhea can be caused if your cat consumes too much liver meat. It is also possible for your cat to get vitamin A poisoning by eating a lot of liver due to the high concentration of vitamin A in the organ.

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