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 Cat ID Tag

What happens to your cat if it gets hurt or lost outside your home? Does your pet cat have an identification (ID) tag to help people get your cat back to you? In many cases the answer is simply "no." You can help to insure the well being of your pet by placing a ID tag around their neck. In most cases, this will take care of getting your cat back home in case of an injury or being lost.

Cat Collars

Cat collars that can be found in pet supply stores are made out of a lightweight substance. The collars leave plenty of room for movement that will not restrict your pet. There's always the fear that the cat will get caught on something and become trapped or choke in the collar. You need to put away that fear. Most manufacturers design the cat collar so that there's room for your pet to wiggle free in the event they are caught on something and trapped. This is typically not true with a dog collar. They are usually designed to keep a dog from escaping. So beware and don't buy the wrong type of collar.

Cat Identification Tag

It is important to obtain a cat ID tag once you have selected the appropriate collar. In general, the tag is made from a light-weight plastic material. You have many options and can choose the ID tag from a variety of colors and shapes. Depending on your urgency, you can order the item from an online merchant or even get a custom-made tag. You know how easy it is to see a small cat in the road at night. It's even possible to get a tag that's made from a reflective material that reflects light from an oncoming car. This should make most cat owners feel better regarding the safety of their pet.

Relevant Cat Info

All identification tags should contain relevant information. The tag is for identification purposes and not fashion. The ultimate goal is for a person that finds your cat to be able to reach you and not just to be able to know the cat's name. You need to be certain to put your pet's name (if you wish), your name, address and telephone number on the ID tag. Keep in mind that a cat doesn't usually come to you when you call their name.

Small Cat Bell

This may sound strange but you should consider placing a small bell on the cat collar. The reason it may be a good idea is because it can help keep your cat safe from other animals. For example, a large neighborhood dog may be a predator of small animals. When your cat is being chased, the running motion will cause the bell to make noise and help deter the dog or other animal from continuing the chase.

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