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 Cat Grooming

Who doesn't know that a cat is typically the cleanest house pet? They are always licking and cleaning themselves nonstop and very rarely smell bad. The average cat owner seldom has to clean their ears or time their claws. Cats are just natural born to clean and take care of themselves. Nevertheless, there are certain benefits by both the cat and the pet's owner by taking the time to adhere to grooming measures.


It would be great to have an odorless cat. Most cats fall into this category of being odor-free due to their self-cleaning ritual. On the other hand, some cats have an offensive odor such as neutered male cats and long-haired cats. These pets often get urine, feces or other smelly material caught within their fur. This can be uncomfortable for your pet cat and tends to be an unhealthy situation.


Although cats tend to clean themselves, you should try to periodically brush your cat's fur. There is a desired benefit to this method. You are able to help keep the cat's loose fur off your clothing and furniture when brush your pet on a regular basis. Loose fur has a bad habit of getting all over your furniture, carpet and clothes. You can even find it in your refrigerator or in your food. Give it a try and groom your cat on a somewhat daily basis. This grooming will help hinder much of the problem and is just one of your responsibilities of being a cat owner.


Have you ever had your cat gag on a hairball? It happens periodically. Long-haired cats are more prone to the problem of hairballs as compared to short-haired cats. It is a disturbing sound to hear your pet gagging on a hairball. You can help reduce the number of hairballs that occur by the proper grooming of your cat.

Cat Allergies

Do you have any allergies? There are many humans that suffer from cat and dog related allegories. To your surprise, cats can have allergies too. By giving your cat a periodic bath and grooming on a regular basis, the cat owner can help minimize the allergies for both your cat and you. Don't dispel this as rubbish.

Save Money

As a cat owner, you can help yourself reduce financial expenditures on your cat by grooming your cat in a consistent and regular manner. You are not as likely to have to replace your furniture that has been ruined by clawing if you trim your cat's claws periodically.

Preventative Care

Preventative care is important to your cat's health as preventative care measures for yourself as vital. Your cat's health is helped through your grooming efforts. We all know the expense related to veterinarian visits even though some are absolutely necessary. Your grooming habits of your cat can help reduce or eliminate certain problems mentioned above which reduces the need for some emergency veterinarian visits. Don't be lax in your grooming responsibilities.

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